It is getting tougher to find decent jobs for one`s self in this competitive environment. The rising inflation and its associated costs of living are forcing people to utilize all their means to earn bread and butter. In every field you will always find more applicants for a job and less vacancies. The economic crisis and following recession have added more fuel to this fire. To get a good job there are many requirements that should be fulfilled. If you want to survive in the tough competition that is present in the outside world then it is important to gain as much knowledge as you can. Especially if you are interested in a career in the information technology industry then keep in mind that you are not the only one hoping for this.

You have to make yourself prominent in the crowd so that companies can consider you for jobs. For this purpose the IT certifications especially that are being offered by the Microsoft can provide great help to you. These certifications play the part of a validating factor in relation to your acquired skills. In addition all around the globe organizations prefer them and the individuals that have such qualifications to their name become the first hand choice of the leading information technology institutes. One latest certification that is being offered is the MCSA.

MCSA Exam Tips

This quality and latest certification also known as the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate is a very beneficial qualification. It is basically concerned with the testing of the potentials of an expert in relation to the manufacturing of technology solutions.

For professionals that are planning to acquire this qualification below mentioned are some tips.


  1. The scope of this certification is very high so you should better consider sitting in this exam with full preparation. The thing is that many other students will also be planning to sit in the passing exams.
  2. Focus on both your theory as well as practical. Both of them are important it is not wise that you should only pay attention to theory and neglect the practical.
  3. For complete information on this topic you can consult the online sources especially the official website of Microsoft is very good in providing relevant details.
  4. Couching classes are a good option as they provide you with sufficient knowledge. Give as many practice exams as you can they will be very helpful.
  5. Follow the course outline provided by Microsoft no need to do extra things.


The latest and quality Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) is basically concerned with the testing of the potentials of an expert in relation to the manufacturing of technology solutions. It is the newest  version  which is planned for a particular job post or the role.

MCSA Exams