Build and design latest technology solutions – get MCSA Certifications

What is MCSA Certification?

For interested IT professionals, Microsoft has revamped a number of certifications from the old models. The newer ones are more comprehensive and targeted towards your interest and wishes. Yes, the new MSCA certification stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate which includes testing of the candidate’s capability of designing and building technology solutions. However, the older MCSA stood for Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator and it only targeted for a specific job role or post. This certification cannot be earned today because Microsoft ended it. Due to increasing demand of the perfect IT professionals and associates in all types of companies throughout the world, the company has implemented certain changes and thus; it has been followed by a trend today.

Changes in the name of Microsoft certifications

There have been several improvements in this section and Microsoft has changed the names of various certifications. The company states that the new names such as MCSE or Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, MCSA or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, MCSM or Microsoft Certified Solutions Master and many more similar certifications will reflect the latest relevance of skills and knowledge of the professionals. Some sort of generic and ethical changes have covered all the perspectives of business settlements and candidates should be well prepared for that. At the same time, these changes in the Microsoft certifications can now better reflect the skills, experience and knowledge so that companies could easily choose from the IT professionals as per their specific requirements.

Inclusion of Servers and cloud computing

Since the industry and IT sector has greatly shifted towards the cloud business, Microsoft has tried to include the design and building of cloud and technology solutions in its MCSA certifications. Now, those IT professionals that are MCSA certified can easily build, develop and configure the technology solutions related to Windows Server and SQL servers. There is no shadow of suspicion that these certifications are capable of validating the knowledge and skills in a broader sense while building the on-premise cloud solutions. With the inclusion of the cloud technologies in the syllabus and topics of MCSA certifications, Microsoft induces a charge to be more relevant towards the IT market and industry.

In order to prepare for different levels and stages of MCSA certifications, there are different online platforms and study guides you can easily chose from. To get certified with Microsoft, you will need a lot of preparations and practical skills to manage the systems and design Microsoft solutions. 


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