Vendor Microsoft
Exam Code 70-466
Full Exam Name Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Certification Name Microsoft Certified Professional
Technology SQL Server

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Question: 1

Which three options are three characteristics of Cisco UCS Invicta interfaces and bonds? (Choose three.)

A. Bond 0 is used for management.
B. A bond can blend both Ethernet and Fibre Channel interfaces.
C. 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces can be independent or aggregated into a bond.
D. iSCSI interfaces can be aggregated into bond 0.
E. Bonds that are created for iSCSI can have only one VLAN.
F. Administrators can change the MTU setting on bonds that are created for iSCSI.

Answer: A, C, F

Ethernet interfaces can either be stand-alone of part of a bond; the user-defined settings is the MTU.

Question: 2

Which three options are three functions of a Cisco UCS Invicta scaling system router? (Choose three.)

A. Host connectivity
B. Power fail data protection
C. Error correction
D. Mirror protection
F. Replication

Answer: A, D, F

The UCS Invicta scaling system router is the component that provides communications with the network and includes the features described above.

Question: 3

Which option is the definition of “parity” in a RAID environment?

A. An error correction technique that improves fault tolerance
B. A technique to ensure that read/write operations on one drive are mirrored to another drive
C. A technique to ensure that read/write operations are balanced across two or more drives
D. A technique to ensure that either one of two drives can service a request

Answer: B

Parity will actually validate that when data is meant to be copied/moved, it arrives successfully to the intended destination.

Question: 4

Which three options are three connectivity and management differences between Cisco UCS Invicta and PCIe flash memory? (Choose three.)

A. Cisco UCS Invicta supports AGP connections.
B. Connectivity between PCIe flash memory cards is supported through USB cables.
C. PCIe flash memory supports Fibre Channel and iSCSI protocols.
D. Cisco UCS Director can manage Cisco UCS Invicta.
E. Cisco UCS Invicta involves external connections to host servers, but PCIe flash memory is embedded inside a host server.
F. Cisco UCS Invicta is managed centrally, but PCIe flash memory is managed individually.

Answer: D, E, F

PCIFlash memory resides at each particular server and managment is a host by host task; UCS Invicta, in contrast, is a unified storage platform that is external to the servers and can be managed using UCS director, while effectively serving different hosts in the environment.

Question: 5

Which three descriptions of the Cisco UCS Invicta scaling system router are true? (Choose three.)

A. Connects to scaling system nodes using AGP cables
B. Provides node management
C. Manages connectivity between hosts and scaling system nodes
D. Supports FCIP, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel
E. Configured using CiscoWorks
F. Supports combination of acceleration and data reduction nodes

Answer: B, C, F

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